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We are passionate about your success. Perfection is our maxim. Whether it’s highly complex or extremely delicate – we find the optimal product for every product. It doesn’t matter if you only require an unfinished part from us or CNC processing including surface treatment. Or if you assign full assembly fitting to us. We offer you everything from a single source.

Your individual requirements are law as far as we are concerned. We develop a precisely accurate and cost-effective solution in discussions with you.


Reliable, tailor-made and precise

Whether it’s really small or particularly large, weighing just a few grams or sixty kilos, with an incredibly complex shape or simple elegance: Or investment casting parts are as individual as the requirements they are made for. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the ICE, in an Airbus, in the lab or the x-ray machine: Our products are reliable, tailor-made and precise.

Find out more about our services in different sectors.

    Cast part design and optimisation

    Imagine a material that has an immaculate shape and accurate to the finest detail. That is what we expect of ourselves. The following applies to all of our cast parts: We manufacture precisely according to our customers’ requirements. The individual application determines the product. We implement your requests in an optimal way with our experienced construction and development team.

    Reverse Engineering

    We can also do it backwards: Using reverse engineering, we create digital 3D drawings from existing cast parts. This data can be adapted at any time, and for new parts if required. That’s how we ensure customer supply, even with older ranges of spare parts – without any tools and cost-effective.

    Casting simulation

    We consider your costs and always have a handle on them. We can simulate casting processes with state-of-the-art MAGMA software. That’s how we make discoveries as early as in the preliminary stages in relation to cost-effective cast part design and an ideal sprue connection. This reduces the number of casting attempts and shortens start-up times.

    Modelling without tools

    We as experienced engineers know how to revolutionise processes. We manufacture investment casting parts in our full tool range with our Voxeljet 3D printers. Without any tools and efficient, down to the smallest quantities.

    Even components with complex geometry can be quickly manufactured by 3D printing. The advantage for you is that you don’t need to first invest in an expensive tool. And there are no costs incurred for changing the tool. You also have the option of making changes to the cast parts. A cost-effective way, in particular for small quantities.

    Rapid Prototyping

    When you have to really get a move on

    Is speed what you’re after? Then we offer rapid prototyping. Physical materials can be manufactured from digital data with this 3D printing method – at high speed.

    Based on 3D construction data, we develop cast part samples and small series components for you in no time. We keep costs low and allow for short delivery times as we manufacture without using any tools.

    Another plus is that variants can be easily processed with 3D printing. Rapid prototyping thus gives you a high degree of variability and a great deal of leeway for design.


      Versatility is the trump card here – with constant quality

      Being innovative is what we do on a daily basis. We aren’t one of the most state-of-the-art customer-focused investment casting plants in Europe for nothing, and we deliver cast parts from an exceptionally large range of standardised and customer-specific types of steel.

      Our ready-to-install investment casting parts are manufactured in a lost wax technique without any draft angles. Processing expenditure is low as a result. The result is an exceptionally cost-effective casting method with an extremely high repeatability in terms of dimension and quality – it doesn’t matter if it’s for complex or delicate series shapes.

        Steel and stainless steel alloys

        We work with commercially-available steels as well as special alloys that we develop to your exact specifications. Tell us what you need – we get our teeth into your plans in a purposeful manner.

        Cobalt and nickel-based alloys

        Cobalt and nickel-based alloys usually have improved wear, corrosion and chemical resistance properties, which they can even maintain at high temperatures.


        Whether they weigh just a few grams or up to 60 kilos: We produce investment casting parts in a wide range of shapes and sizes. A large range of powerful manufacturing equipment enables us to produce in a cost-effective manner in each and every case.


        We produce quantities from 1 up to 100,000 for you. We have extremely efficient and variable manufacturing options, from a 3D printer and flexible melting process to automation.


        Why not just get everything from a single source?

        We don’t just see ourselves as casters, we also take on various steps in the finishing process. For instance, our services include mechanical, thermal, electro-chemical or physical treatment of your cast part. Just hire us to do further processing. As a system supplier, we offer you all services from a single source, in a straightforward manner.

          CNC processing

          Simple or complex mechanical processing is carried out at our premises or by our professional partners.

          Heat treatment

          We achieve effective machinability and structure homogeneity due to heat treatment. We can also produce particular properties with special methods and thus optimise cast parts for specific purposes. For instance, components can be manufactured with consistent hardness, or with a tough core structure and hard surface.

          Surface coating

          We create the basis for the surface finish you require with different grinding and blasting techniques. We offer you the following methods in collaboration with our reliable, specialist partners:

          • Electro-polishing
          • Slide grinding
          • Wet coating
          • CDC coating
          • Anodising
          • Powder coating
          • Chromatising
          • chemical nickel plating


          We would be happy to take care of pre-assembles and purchased part procurement for you, if you would like us to do so.

          Batch production

          Every part is top quality

          It doesn’t matter if it’s an individual part or series production: We offer top quality, cast part after cast part. By delivering sample parts, we ensure that all steps can be reproduced in the manufacturing process. Thus, the cast part and process workflow are ready for series production. After the sample parts have been approved by the customer, the product can now be produced in a series – even in large quantities (large series).

            Quality assurance

            International quality standards

            Quality is our top priority. We work according to international standards with quality management systems DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN  IST 14001:2015 and VDA 6.1:2016. Optimising manufacturing processes, regulated organisation structures, great relationships with customers and suppliers: We continually make sure of this – and thereby ensure products of the highest quality.

            The environment is also close to our hearts. We therefore introduced the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 as early as 2004.

            We use the following methods for quality assurance:

              Digital x-ray

              Our x-ray machines with up to 330 kV and digital image converters allow for non-destructive tests, even for large components. These images offer far more than previous film techniques, by using HDR technology and animated pictures. We also make digital images available to you on request.

              3D scanning

              We offer surface comparisons as well as reverse engineering with our optical scanner.

              Visual measuring

              Components can be measured quickly using surface comparison with our optical scanner. This system offers crucial advantages, particularly in the case of freeform surfaces.

              Mechanical checks

              Tactile measuring, spectrometry, crack tests, roughness tests, hardness tests and tensile strength tests round off our portfolio.


              Transparency is important to us

              Transparency in the manufacturing process is important to us. This is because, as a customer, you should be able to feel safe in the knowledge that our material meets your requirements at all times. That’s why we place importance on comprehensive documentation that accurately shows all requirements for the product. You can check this at any time using standardised documents.

                We offer:

                • Test reports
                • Acceptance test certificates
                • TÜV certificates
                • Crack and x-ray test
                • Mechanical and chemical certificates

                In this case, we always make reference to the stipulated DIN standards, approval requirements or standards specified by the customer in relation to quality, material composition, installation, certification or delivery conditions. We are thus able to deliver parts requiring documentation without any problems.


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