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Did you know that we can look back fondly on 50 years of experience in investment casting? Our company is founded in 1964 at our Bad Lobenstein site – as the first new casting plant build in the former GDR. Now Feinguss Lobenstein is part of the Schuber and Salzer group of companies that has a rich history, as it is celebrating its 135-year anniversary in 2018. Schubert and Salzer can refer to many years of expertise as the second user of investment casting on an industrial scale.

We employee 240 employees at our Bad Lobenstein site. They are the basis for our success. You can rely on their many years of experience – and on our developer team’s creativity. Set us a challenge and we’ll solve it. That’s a promise.

Company numbers

Feinguß Lobenstein in numbers

Company grounds
65.000 m2

Net production area
15.000 m2

ca. 240

Annual turnover in Euros
ca. 15 Millionen


Where we’ve come from, what we are

  • 2024

    Departure from the group of companies; organisation of an independent path as Feinguß Lobenstein GmbH

  • 2021

    30-year anniversary of Feinguß Lobenstein in the Schubert & Salzer group

  • 2020

    Conversion to a water-based ceramic binder

  • 2019

    Purchase of a new Boilerclave
    By quickly pressurizing the boilerclave allows an effective form of dewaxing.

  • 2018

    Winner of the XXI. Innovation prize Thuringia

    Acpuisition of a semi-automatic wax spraying machine with a spraying volume of 12 litres. This machine enables us to use tools with a maximum size of 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 mm.

  • 2017

    A rollover oven is purchased that enables high-quality, tough alloys to be cast

  • 2015

    The manufacturing process is digitalised, and an optical 3D scanner, simulation software and a 3D printer are introduced

  • 2014

    50-year company anniversary with the “50 Jahre Feingußwerk Lobenstein” [“50 Years of Feingußwerk Lobenstein”] exhibition, an open day, and a social evening for employees and their families

  • 2011

    20-year anniversary of Feinguß Lobenstein in the Schubert & Salzer group

  • 2007

    The model making extension building is put into service

  • 2006

    A new wax preparation process is introduced

  • 1994

    30-year anniversary of the company, attended by the prime minister of the Free State of Thüringen

  • 1993

    Merger with Schubert & Salzer Feinguß Ingolstadt and relocation of the Ingolstadt production line to Lobenstein.
    Safeguarding the traditions: Investment casting from Thuringia and Schubert & Salzer from Ingolstadt.

  • 1991

    The nationally-owned company is privatised and renamed Feingusswerk Lobenstein GmbH

  • 1990

    Capacities are radically adjusted as the entire Eastern market collapses

  • 1989

    4000 tonnes of steel investment casting is produced annually with 720 employees

  • 1967

    Start of production in the investment casting plant

  • 1964

    The foundation stone is laid for the first casting plant installation in the former GDR


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