Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct defines the basic principles and the requirements of Schubert & Salzer Feinguß Lobenstein GmbH and of the companies associated with it for their suppliers and contractors (“suppliers”) with regard to their responsibilities towards mankind and the environment. Schubert & Salzer Feinguß Lobenstein GmbH has committed itself to the basic principles set out in this Code of Conduct and expects its suppliers to also implement these rigorously, to comply with these for the long term and to require them from their own suppliers and contractors further down the value chain.

I. Observing the laws

The supplier undertakes to comply with the respective laws, directives and other provisions applicable to his activities to their fullest extent.

II. Social and ethical responsibilities

The supplier undertakes

  • To ensure and to promote equal treatment and equal opportunities to all his employees irrespective of their skin colour, race, nationality, social status, disability, sexual orientation, political or religious convictions and their sex or age
  • To respect the privacy, personal rights and personal dignity of every individual
  • Not to employ anyone against their wishes or to force them to work
  • To protect employees from physical, psychological, verbal and sexual harassment or abuse and not to tolerate any physical punishment
  • Not to tolerate behaviour, including gestures, language and physical contact which is coercive, sexually harassing, threatening, abusive or exploitive
  • To comply with the laws of the respective nation with regard to the maximum permitted working hours
  • To recognise the freedom of association of his employees and to not favour or penalise members of labour organisations

III. Ban on child labour

The supplier undertakes to prohibit child labour in his company, to effectively prevent it and not to use any primary products or services which were produced by the use of child labour.

IV. Remuneration

We expect our suppliers to observe the laws applicable at their respective locations with regard to remuneration, in particular, to observe the laws with regard to the minimum wage as the lowest limit. This also includes paying for overtime in accordance with the applicable laws/collective wage agreements.

V. Environmental protection

The supplier undertakes to protect the environment by complying with the statutory regulations and international standards, to conserve natural resources through sustainable use, to produce in an energy-efficient way and to continuously minimise damage to the environment.

VI. Raw materials from conflict zones

The supplier undertakes to implement suitable measures to avoid the use of raw materials from conflict zones.

VII. Health and safety of employees

The supplier undertakes to assume responsibility for the health and safety of his employees and to observe the applicable rules with regard to occupational health and safety.

VIII. Prohibition of bribery and corruption

The supplier undertakes not to tolerate bribery and corruption in any form and not to participate it in it, directly or indirectly, in any way. This is in particular with regard to offering or to giving any person working for Schubert & Salzer Feinguß Lobenstein GmbH personal benefits in connection with the initiation, establishment or handling of a business relationship, with the exception of services generally accepted in the industry, such as providing amenities at conferences or invitations to working meals generally accepted in the trade and whose cost, as a rule, should not exceed an amount of Euro 75.00.

IX. Fair competition

The supplier undertakes to conduct himself in accordance with the principles of fair competition and the antitrust rules and not to participate in fixing prices, sharing the market or collusive tendering and also to not come into conflict with antitrust laws.

X. Conflict of interest

The supplier undertakes to avoid all conflicts of interests with his private matters and other commercial or other activities.

XI. Supply chain

The supplier undertakes to demand all the principles and requirements described here from his sub-suppliers and suppliers and to take these into account when selecting them.

XII. Confidentiality and privacy protection

We expect that our suppliers respect the operating and trade secrets of Schubert & Salzer Feinguß Lobensteins GmbH as well as the other industrial property rights of third parties and also to treat documents, offers and prices which are exchanged, as confidential and the supplier assures this.

We expect that our suppliers shall keep safe and in accordance with the national and international provisions with regard to privacy protection, all data and information that needs to be kept confidential, i.e. company and person-related data and information, which are not available to the public. The suppler assures this.

XIII. Observing the supplier code

Any infringement of the principles given in this guideline shall be taken as a severe impairment of the contractual relationship by the supplier and Schubert & Salzer Feinguß Lobenstein GmbH shall consider this to be an impairment of the contractual relationship by the supplier. A serious violation of the principles laid out in this guideline shall be taken as a serious breach of contract by the supplier and this shall authorise Schubert & Salzer Feinguß LobensteinGmbH to terminate the contractual relationship without being obliged to offer any compensation or compensatory service. In the case of receiving information with regard to the non-observance of these principles (e.g. through reports in the media), Schubert & Salzer Feinguß Lobenstein GmbH, without prejudice to other rights, shall have the right to demand information regarding the respective facts or to obtain information at the site, in the factory of the supplier, his sub-suppliers or from third parties with regard to the facts of the case. Information obtained with regard to trade or operating secrets, which must be kept confidential, shall also certainly be kept confidential by Schubert & Salzer Feinguß Lobenstein.


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